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On the last days of the year, Asia Phoenix is extremely honored to be given the mission to combine the member in the Bao Viet family together. Thanks to careful preparation, following Dao Ba Son’s direction – an artist specializes in movie and Asia Phoenix member’s efforts, Bao Viet Family’s Day took place with the great success in Tan Cang Village.

Understanding and recording incessantly attempts of the Bao Viet members in the recent years, the Family Day program called “Oscar Night” as a spring gift which Bao Viet Leader Board brought to their staff.

Coming to “Oscar Night”, 6 teams created and made 6 films that the actors and actress also were team members. All of them were excellent films, it was so difficult for the judges choosing the best films to reward. The highlights of the program such as: movie quiz, prestidigitation performances, family dress-up or lucky draw made a hot, coordinated, remarkable party toward Bao Viet employees and their families.