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With the developing technology era, society changes gradually to adapt with the new modern rhythm, the element of culture of each country gradually becomes gloomy. Catching and understanding the kernel value of the cultures all over the world will be the successful key for those who are working in the international environment, that is also place interfere two or more than different cultures.

To catch that ideas, Asia Phoenix built a night party with the theme “International night” for all own employees of MMC company from Malaysia and their families in the discovering trip of charming and beautiful country of Vietnam. Coming to the night party, each our guests prepared the traditional costume of countries in all over the world by themselves. They will also share the knowledge in the typical culture of the beloved countries each other. Also in that party, Asia Phoenix got proud of a beautiful Viet Nam thorough songs and the charming national character dance was introduced to foreign guests. The international night party finished in the absolutely guests’ fun and satisfaction. We – an active and enthusiastic staff of Asia Phoenix – are truly pleasure to accompany with great MMC family in their trip.