If you’re interested in seeing your group soaring to new heights of fun, frantic energy this is your chance. You’re in the Game is a perfect choice to kick off an off-site, celebrate a success, energize a day of meetings, or as a send-off to dinner after meetings.

Presenting fast paced, high-energy fun where it’s actually okay to feel like a pawn in the game of life.

Imagine a giant, colorful game board – one that’s actually large enough to accommodate your entire group! Now imagine the music kicking in. The XXXL sized dice start to roll, and game play begins. Your teams work their way around the game board, furiously trying to answer trivia questions as they complete a wild and wacky series of “team challenges.” But there’s more to life than being right and they’ll also earn points for team spirit, creativity, even enthusiasm.

We’ll work with you to incorporate any company trivia or other specific information you provide. Or simply let Asia Phoenix Events provide all the questions (and answers).

We offer a number of specific themes, for example: You’re In The Game Of Chocolate, You’re In The Game Of Wine, or spice up a wedding with You’re In The Game Of Love. Or hit us with something totally new (we can take challenges just as well as we dish them out).